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the wireless connection on my laptop keeps dropping and I don't know if it is the wireless card or the router that is screwing up although I didn't notice any problems at school the other day using airbears wireless. I keep having to re-choose my network and it stays up for a minute or two and then it drops again and it is driving me a little nuts. I could just go get a new router I guess and see if that fixes things but I've begun a new policy lately regarding spending which is now cash only and I don't know if I can afford a new router right this minute.

if I got a new router then I would be faced also with the decision of whether to get a "g" instead of "b" router but if I got "g" I would have to get a new card for the laptop and I don't know if I can even put an airport extreme card in it. I suppose there are ways of finding out. I could go to the genius bar at the apple store but I don't necessarily put more stock in their knowledge than in my own.

so right this minute I am typing at my windows machine which hurts my wrists cause it is at a bad angle. I thought I'd repair permissions on the laptop because it is that one miscellaneous maintenance thing you do with OS X that sometimes fixes weird little problems.

since you are all wondering how much I slept: I fell asleep by 4pm and tried to get up at 5:30am but was still too sleepy so I slept another hour. I woke up a bunch of times in between but went right back to sleep every time. today I feel fairly energetic. it would just be pathetic if I didn't.

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