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ah. back on laptop. man typing at a weird angle really hurts! I wonder how I managed to get the angle just right with my laptop. part of the comfort also has to do with being able to rest my hands on the laptop surface before the keyboard. perhaps I should get one of those gooey pads that collects dust disgustingly for the other keyboard.

my connection has been steady for five minutes. sssshhhhhhh!

I have to finish my syllabus this morning and get that info to SFAI. sometime soon I need to go over there and get the lay of the land and introduce myself to whatever support staff we have in the liberal arts department. it's always advisable to be good to the staff because they know how everything works.

then I guess I will type however much dissertation I can type today. that one paragraph really took it out of me yesterday! I think it might be time to move on to the next essay I want to talk about but I have been leaving the transitions to twist in the wind which is not necessarily a bad thing but I will have to come up with reasons for moving from one thing to the next when and how I do.

then I don't know. I should look at the website that I am supposed to be diagnosing this month. and I should go see if I have a paycheck for this work yet. if I do then I could think about a new router.

clothes. that's the first thing.

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