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my syllabus is not firmed up yet but I've decided on all the readings at this point. I tried my best to keep them concise, following Karen's model (person I've TA'ed for two terms in a row now), so as to be able to interrogate each text in depth rather than try to scurry to fit a whole life's oeuvre into one three-hour class. I tend to over-assign not in the sense that no one could possibly read as much as I assign but rather I have a hard time staying disciplined enough to only give them a couple of concepts a day to think about. I find it difficult to cut texts down to the bare bones--I see that I probably have enough, but then I read ahead another paragraph and think to myself well this part is really cool too so I have to put it in and this next one and this one here and then I get into trouble trying to teach everything at once.

I'm oddly excited about teaching. I don't know why exactly. it usually freaks me out. perhaps this will pass when I walk into a room full of people I don't know and tell them why they should pay attention to this stuff that they probably didn't bargain on having to learn at art school.

on to the dissertation. I think it is time now to reread an Agamben piece and write about it. this is the hard part: finishing a whole essay while thinking of things to say about it. I usually get lost in my own thoughts about halfway through. there are a number of essays that have been very important to me that I have no idea how they end. everytime I try to finish one I end up writing fifteen more pages and getting no closer to the end. grad school has ruined me.

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