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alarm malfunction

this morning instead of gently waking me up the clock radio alarm infiltrated my dream so for 15 minutes I was trying to figure out how to wake up because I knew the alarm was going off but I kept dreaming that I had opened my eyes but because I could not remember where I had fallen asleep the night before I could never figure out if I was truly awake yet. I awoke in a tent with the wind blowing and my stocking cap pulled down over my eyes and a awoke in the driveway of a park of some kind in just a sleeping bag and it was beginning to snow so both of those caused me some panic as I was afraid if I didn't wake up for real I was either going to suffocate or freeze to death, respectively. I awoke in a place resembling my grandmother's old house's basement, and I awoke as I was walking around some added wing to some other house trying to find where I had slept the night before and having no luck as the wing was made entirely of bedrooms which for some reason were all full of guests.

finally I decided to relax and within a couple of minutes I actually woke up. the interesting thing is that as soon as I wake up for real I know immediately that I've finally hit reality whereas in all the other scenarios I wander around trying to figure out if I'm awake yet. but this one fact has not yet filtered its way down into my unconscious I guess because if it did this whole motif would have no psychic power.

it was slightly unpleasant although I have learned not to panic in these situations and that I cannot force myself awake no matter how I try--the only way to wake up is to relax my way out of my dream.

so here I am. I think.

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