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bon voyage

the chair is on its way to oregon. I hope the person who bought it puts it to good use; she got deal tell you what. Jackson is going to have to find another place to perch in the hallway. when I got the box out into the sunshine I saw hundreds of tiny holes made by little batting claws. as a bonus I'm sure she will be receiving lots of cat hair too. hope she's not allergic.

now I will package and ship the other things I have here to ship. if you are waiting for something from me, today is the day! that is it will leave today. who knows when you will receive it.

this is kind of fun in a way. I wouldn't mind having a little ebay business going like Sandy does: I think she buys odd things in bulk and then sells them individually on ebay. like old bowie videos and xmen dvds and stuff like that.

on the other hand I would be spending every morning taping and shipping when I should be spending them writing and writing.

ok let's see if I can actually get labels to print right. oh this is exciting.

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