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no I guess it only seems like it should be evening. on an odd note, today is going by slowly. this must be due to some cosmic rift in the space-time continuum because it certainly couldn't be the universe responding to my complaints about fleeting time.

.. ok I have now spilled coffee on every white shirt that I own. there's not but three of them. one of them is now hanging up to dry. I think I will sit here shirtless until I am ready to put the coffee down. by doing this I risk a mauling from Santiago who occasionally gets a little carried away with the shoulder tapping. he forgets sometimes that I am not a cat.

the day though. going slowly which means I should take advantage and do stuff but the reason it is going slowly is that I am vaguely bored and that usually means that nothing is as appealing as it usually is. I don't know what this is. is this depression? I've had this all my life only as a female it was both more acute and more chronic. these days it tends to mean time for a shot but I just did that two days ago so that's not it.

I wrote about three pages today so am not feeling guilty about not working. I fixed the website that I am being paid to fix this month and am now looking for more things to do to earn the money they are paying me. the afternoon is mine. I think I should go for a walk as that tends to clear up the dissatisfaction somehow. I'm not sure how it works but it usually works. granted a walk to cure boredom is not as much fun as a walk when feeling bouncy but still it does help.

ugh. whose idea was it to put my brain together this way. people should think a little harder about the consequences of having babies--calling another human to life is not always the kindest thing to do.

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