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teaching starts in four weeks.

I'm beginning to get nervous.

I'd better write my first day monologue soon--although I don't want to bore them with a long lecture that they will never have any use for, I do think a short talk about the issues "Critical Theory" deals with would be good. if I wait too long I will be too nervous to write.

I also need to take a bus trip out to campus to see how long it takes and where everything is and to meet the one person who staffs the office.

today I go to meditate. well really today I go and be told again how to meditate which I've been told a couple of times already but I forgot enough that I don't feel comfortable just going to the sitting which is actually later than the instruction. then I guess I'll sit and listen to the lecture even though those always frustrate me more than anything. I've been wanting to get back into this though and I keep putting it off.

time to choose which slip-on boots to wear. this will then help me to decide what pants to wear and that leads me to a shirt decision.

it's all very rational.

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