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coffee alone

where is that lisagail? while she was in NY I had to have coffee alone but now she is sleeping in or something. I wish there were a doorbell or alarm clock function on my instant chat.

I think I might sit for a bit--that is "sit" in the zen sense--and then mop the kitchen floor. I don't really feel like mopping the kitchen floor and actually I should probably do it before sitting while Sandy is either still in bed or away--for I don't know if she is in her room or at her current shag's house--as Sandy tends to be a heavy user of the kitchen on weekends. hard to mop around someone making homemade root beer. it needs doing in any case, no matter how I feel about it.

I had thought about going to a different buddhist place this morning but it is far away comparatively speaking and I've never been there and I just found myself unwilling to face a new situation when I got up. I think I should check out different flavors to see which one suits me best but later I guess. the thing about san francisco is that if you want to practice a certain kind of buddhism there is probably a place just for you.

the thing about the zen center is that their morning meditation starts at like 5:30. yes I've been getting up early but I would have to get up at 4. I guess I could join after the first sitting (there are two, with walking meditation in between) but I'm not entirely sure you are allowed to come in in the middle. I could ask I suppose. that would mean phone. eek. they do seem to be very nice though.

then what. I'm thinking of studying CSS today as for some reason this appeals more than learning about unix shell scripting. the book I have is assailing me with syntax and reserved variables and all these things I have absolutely no context for before it gets on with telling me what sort of things scripts might be made to do. I mean it is cool that you can make x=$y+1 but why would you want to is what I'm asking. I do not yet have a programmer's mindset and so the use of all this is still opaque to me. I need to be told how to approach the problem.

perhaps I should set one up for myself. I could make thumbnails of all my digital photos, or all the highly rated ones. see one of the problems with scripting is that I rarely find myself faced with long repetitive tasks. generally if I need to do something relatively trivial but repetitive I only need to do it a few times in a row such that it would take me longer to write a script to do it than just to do it. I use one apple script right now which opens all my intarweb apps and points them to my morning places of worship but that's about the only thing I've found it necessary or desirable to have a script do.

I could probably script a daily post detailing certain events that are recorded elsewhere on my computer. how about a script that makes an entry to the effect that "I wrote xx words today!" if the dissertation file is longer than it was last time the script checked. I begin to see the utility of mathematical formulae.

well now there is a cat in my lap so I cannot move.

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