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everywhere I go it isn't five minutes before santiago is sitting on me. this makes some things quite interesting to try to do but in a minute here I'm going to sit cross-legged and meditate and I bet he decides to join me. what could be more appropriate than meditating with a cat. I wonder sometimes why the zen center doesn't have cats all over the place. if I lived there I'd have to have a cat. although I suppose they might knock over the candles and incense and the little buddhas. I assume the bigger buddhas can hold their own.

I'm going to try this with music. I think you are supposed to do zen in silence but Sandy has the tv on and that is much more distracting than instrument-only music. first though I will sweep up a little as you need to do zen in a clean space and although "clean" is too much to be wished for in here, dust-free is attainable.

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