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I'm into the real meat of my second chapter meaning that I actually have to reread some texts in order to figure out what I want to say and how, rather than writing mostly from memory. I did reread the essay that the last six paragraphs were about so this is not sudden. interestingly I did not finish rereading that essay and so I hope I did not misrepresent it. I don't know if I've ever finished it actually. I can't remember how it ends but the important abstract theoretical part of it is the first part so I think I am on board with what it is trying to do.

it doesn't matter greatly because none of my committee will have read this essay, I'm willing to bet.

now though it is time to reread Agamben and then I will reread Levinas and then I will reread Deleuze so it is time to drive myself nuts with tiny little nuances and abstract terms offered without the pretense of substance.

the truly annoying thing about reading in order to write--and I've mentioned this before--is that I have these responses partway through that beg to be taken down and so I write my way through a reading which I suppose I could look upon as a good thing, for once I am done with the reading I have many words written on it but the annoying thing is that generally my first words will be out of sync with the last so I have to undergo the painful procedure of editing and also like the last essay I sometimes never make it to the end of the reading because it generates such a response in me that I will have written twenty pages on it while still in the middle of reading it.

but so. about to pick up an old Agamben essay, "Infancy and History: an Essay on the Destruction of Experience." it deals with the origins of language and what we mean when we say "experience" and was pivotal in helping me to understand the flatness of the unconscious and its relationship to language. I don't think he actually uses the term "unconscious," but it is relatively easy to infer.

wish me luck on the staying awake front. my eyelids are heavy already. I fear I must disturb the cat to go get more coffee.

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