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I wish beer still did something for me cause if it did I'd take my last three bucks and buy myself some. as is I guess I'll go get some fizzy water and a snickers bar. not sure which vice is better for the overall health.

I wrote six pages and I feel pretty good I guess but I seem to be taking an extraordinarily long time to get around to the main attraction of this chapter. but Judith told me to be strange so I'm writing this long circular narrative that will already have said what it has to say by the time it actually says it.

perhaps that should be the title for chapter two.

I'm ready for a vacation. I haven't been away in a while. the bank won't tell me how much money is left in my account. I hope it is a positive figure. I'm getting a loan from my boss at school if we cannot find my paycheck tomorrow. just enough for burritos and a couple of bottles of fizzy water.

I do not know what to eat for dinner. nothing really sounds good. usually on days like this the cereal wins out.

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