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night of the johns

when the alarm woke me up this morning I was dreaming I was John Denver and was doing some sport called tree roping with a friend. to do this you would climb to the top of a full grown douglas fir and then tightrope your way across between two trees with hurting yourself. I was hanging onto a limb refusing to go out onto the tightrope. I thought to myself "isn't this how he died?"

of course that's not how he died but whatever. I was John Denver in a tree. earlier I was dreaming of singing along to Johnny Cash while my mother listened to my deep voice, astonished.

I will be going to school today in search of money. I might get some work done while I am there but I don't know exactly of what variety. on the one hand the two essays I am now writing about come in small volumes so it would be easy to carry them to school with me and on the other hand I don't really like to write at school. I used to. I used to print out my essays and write on them in pencil in between word processing sessions. I haven't done that in a long time and I wonder if I should try that with some of this stuff. it's a completely different rhythm, writing by hand.

first it's therapy. I wonder if I should tell her about my John dreams.

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