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my paycheck was somehow lost in the system--I think at some point someone forgot to click "enter"--so I borrowed a little cash from my boss at school. in a minute I must shower and go to the bank.

I have enough now for a new pillow! my old pillow that I think we bought after the house burned down in 88 finally ripped and now there are feathers everywhere. I could stuff the feathers back in and sew it up, and if I were my housemate that is exactly what I would do, but the cover is threadbare all over and it is just a matter of time before it disintegrates.

yes I want an excuse to go to bed bath and beyond and I want a new fluffy pillow. they keep sending us coupons and I haven't been able to think of anything to use them for. the question is do I reserve a car or walk. it's about a mile and a half away so the walk is sizable but not outrageous as long as you don't buy anything heavier than a pillow. I could also use some new sheets because I use the same set over and over and the ones I bought two years ago are also beginning to rip but I think sheets have to wait until the paychecks are steadier.

maybe I'll buy myself a new washcloth or a toothbrush holder. just something frivolous but useful and not particularly expensive.

I may have landed two more jobs. I told them I had to have time to write too but these jobs apparently can be done very slowly. it's all computer stuff and I'm thinking my future career might not be in rhetoric at all. wo0t!

my ears are ringing in time to my heartbeat. is this a sign of high blood pressure? it's just going "whoosh. whoosh. whoosh."

coffee. maybe it's a sign of too much coffee.

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