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you know as long as it doesn't require too much interaction with others I rather enjoy having errands to run. I've never thought about it before but an afternoon with doodads to pick up and things to be carried about is quite congenial to me. I mean I don't want to help a friend move every day--there is a limit to how many and how heavy those things be to be carried about--but going to the store for things like scotch tape and toothpaste is very enjoyable.

I like looking over all the things they set out for you to look over and even if I don't buy anything I like looking over them although I have to say that going window shopping when I know I have no money really isn't much fun but window shopping when I could buy something is very enjoyable even if I come home empty handed. it really doesn't matter that much to me whether I get to bring anything home as long as the possibility exists. otherwise there doesn't seem much point in going to the store. you know? I could look over things with or without money but the uncertainty that some of them might be coming home with me makes for just the amount of suspense needed to hold my interest.

I also like going to the post office. well the long lines are beginning to wear on me but the going is always exciting and the picking up and the sending off.

I am going to go look at pillows now.

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