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oh my god is this annoying!!

insurance says I submitted my entire claim after the time limit for submitting claims. now the time limit used to be 18 months and although it might have changed to 12 months still half of the claims I submitted were less than a year old.

fuckers. they think if they do this you will go away and not ask for your money.

I can't see that this would work with too many people. this sort of thing gets me on the phone immediately so I imagine the rest of the world would be jumping in the car and driving over to the office.

grrr. if it were later in the year when I actually was being paid regularly the delay wouldn't matter so much but I need this money you stupid motherfuckers.


ugh. I'm waiting for the school blue cross rep to call me back. if he doesn't call I'm taking a trip to Berkeley tomorrow.

god I hate this shit.

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