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I decided to come home in between. the afternoon session doesn't start till 1:30 and I didn't really feel like sitting through another lecture since I don't really get that much out of them.

it was hard! I sat for about 40 minutes instead of my usual 30 and I don't know if it is their cushions or the way the priest adjusted my position but ow. I was very proud of myself for not needing to switch legs though. I only made one major move during the whole thing and that was to pull my feet back under my legs because I felt like I was falling backwards after the priest put her hands on my shoulders and gently pulled me back. I don't know if I was supposed to move my whole back or just arch so that my shoulders were further back but I tried both and both were painful.

if I keep at this I am going to learn to sit very very straight and I'm going to develop some muscles in very odd places.

as far as the "point" of meditating goes, I don't feel overly enlightened but it's going to take some time just to be able to do it without undue pain. it still makes me feel very calm though.

so anyway it's about a mile away so by the time this is over I will have gotten my walking in for the day. fortunately it is gray and cool out so I can walk most of the way without sweating much. with luck the sun won't come out.

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