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poor Jackson. the cats have taken to sitting on top of one of my tall bookshelves so I put a towel up there to make it a little more cozy. Jackson was just sitting there minding his own business when Santiago lept over to the same spot and basically squeezed Jackson out of it. there was no fight--only a brief flurry of defensive licking that is Jackson's way of saying please don't hurt me and then Jackson lept back to the cat tree, defeated.

there would be room for both of them but Jackson never sticks around long enough to see if Santiago will mind sharing.

he's not very good at reading cat body language either. Santiago occasionally flops down belly up in front of Jackson and Jackson gets all nervous and defensive and often just splits. he seemingly has no clue as to what that posture means. he was about three years old when I got him so I have no idea what sort of life he had before. I wonder if he was brought up in a skinner box.

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