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saved by the bell

it just occurred to me that since the berkeley semester officially starts today I can go in tomorrow and get an emergency loan to tide me over until I start getting more paychecks more regularly. wo0t!

I have a million things to do today and I don't know how many of them I will actually get to. I need to run off copies for my reader today--should have done it friday--but as I have no money I can't do it at kinko's and I don't know if I get copier privileges at the art institute. I did have summer copy numbers at berkeley but I don't know if my number is still activated. I could beg elizabeth for copies I guess but I would have to explain how it benefitted berkeley to let me copy.

I need to

make reader
take reader to art institute
print prints for auction winner
get mailing tube for prints--they must dry overnight before I roll them up so tomorrow for mailing them
get jackson's pills

I think that's it.

tomorrow I will do whatever I didn't get to today, plus mail the prints and get the loan.

damn. I was going to write too.

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