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chapter two has sixty pages so far and I still haven't gotten to deleuze and levinas. I am beginning to think that I should merge what I've got with the bare beginnings of an introduction which I also have managed to produce and then put deleuze and levinas in their own chapter as was the plan at the beginning of this whole thing. telling this story is taking a long time.

Judith told me that 100 pages by december would keep the department off my back. I'm thinking that should be no problem as long as I can find time to write while teaching. I think right now I have close to 80 pages although of course none of it has been approved yet.

she also told me that people have graduated on 120 pages before. it's possible that I am halfway through. that seems unlikely somehow and certainly nothing I'm writing could actually be worthy of a dissertation.

well who knows. I think I need to wind up the section I'm working on and send it off to them so they can all tell me just what it is I should be doing instead.

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