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at last

email stating that my paycheck will be electronically deposited into my bank account within three days. yay. I'm still taking the loan for a number of reasons including the possible three days before I see my paycheck but it will be nice to be able to afford, say, a pizza.

the hundred million things I have to do today have not changed. I must remember to pick up jackson's pills--yesterday I forgot to walk up that far.

sunday b & e & I had afternoon beer and sausage at our favorite beer and sausage joint in the lower haight. well actually it's a bar with a sausage grill next door. the sausage grill puts its menus on the tables in the bar so people will go over there when they get that empty sloshy feeling.

I walked home so slowly that I barely worked up a sweat even though it was about 65F. when I got home I wrote a big long piece that I am afraid to go back and look at but I told myself if it was good when I was sober then I'd keep it. if not, out it goes. in between comes the auto-embarrassment.

it looks like it is going to be hot but the forecast says cool. I can see the edge of the fog from my window which indicates that "cool" will probably hold if you go about 1000 yards west. my neighborhood is bright blue and heating rapidly.

off to school with me. if I remember my power supply I will say hello from over there. my battery is about pooped out and will not hold a charge for more than 45 minutes. when I have money I think I need to buy a new one from Other World Computing. they have special ones.

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