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peter and paul savings and loan

so I apply for the loan but I can't get it because my fees aren't paid (?!). the logic is impeccable.

I'm supposed to get a fee remission for my GSR work but I won't be officially hired until thursday so thursday I could get the loan if I still needed it.

to make ends meet, and to be able to afford the BART ride home, I sold a book for $40 to the person I borrowed money from last week.

I landed two additional one-off jobs today for which I will be paid within the next two weeks.

I'd go check the status of my insurance claims but I'm afraid I'd just get mad at whatever they might be doing now to try to weasel out of paying me.

this would all be far less fun if I didn't have money on the way. at least I have that. for now. for later, that is.

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