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I just took 30 pounds of books on a two-mile stroll to kinkos and back to find kinkos closed for remodling and on the sign someone had scrawled "put it on your fucking website" but I did not consult the website before I left so I could not even be mad about that.

my shoulder muscle is sore because since I got that grown-up over-the-shoulder briefcase I carry the entire load with my left shoulder instead of spreading it across two shoulders and a back. I'm thinking that I should switch shoulders for a while so that I don't end up with one shoulder hugely muscled and the other all scrawny.

see the original plan called for a half hour or so of rest before I had to carry them all back.

the universe seems to be throwing lots of minor aggravation at me this month. I wonder what that's about.

I don't really wonder. I don't really believe the universe has any intention towards me at all. crap just happens for no reason and I'm not sure I understand why crap happening for a reason would be better. at the same time I do believe in a certain interconnectedness but that interconnectedness is so intricate that we can't begin to explain the circuits of cause and effect that play out into given situations. the explanations that usually issue forth have more to do with our being pained at unable to predict our way out of this complexity than anything else.

goodness me I can't write a simple post today.

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