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pathology report

this morning the lesions seem to have at least refrained from spreading or getting bigger, and the ones on my eye seem to have burst or something, crusting over my lids this morning and requiring soft wet tissue to clean up.

I have to say this has freaked me out a little and not just because I don't want to teach with sores all over my face. I know everyone gets this at some point, or most everyone--although not so many get it in the eye--but still I've never dealt with chronic anything before (well. chronic physical anything) and I keep thinking there must have been something I could have done to avoid this.

it is interesting though that I've spent time with chronic mental problems and although they are inherently depressing I don't usually feel that I've fallen from some kind of grace with them. I guess because I've been dealing with them all my life they are in a way my own very state of grace.

anyway. I don't know. I just find this depressing and frightening even though I know it is probably not serious. there are enough serious things this could lead to as to make me uneasy.

and it is distracting. I was planning on doing other things this weekend than sit around thinking what is happening to my face.

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