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I'm taking a day of rest today. it seems indicated given the sudden outburst on my face and it would probably do me good to sit and meditate all day. not that I will, but I will sit a couple of times at least.

the other day I decided I should learn blues guitar as I find that blues riffs are always going through my head but since I never learned any scales I can't pick up a guitar and play them without an inordinate amount of figuring. this I think is a better goal than "completely relearn guitar" as I have the physical skill to play decently if I just learned where the notes were and this would make for a more immediate return than the finger exercises I was doing before.

in the meantime yesterday I did a little computer art:

lines on not paper

the original is a little bigger but I want to do a great big one that I can print as an 8x10. my poor little powerbook (obsolete the month after I bought it) can hardly keep the current version of photoshop running with small files. with big files it's like working with my ancient G3 upgrade.

anyway I like drawing lines. there is a calligraphy workshop at the zen center in november that I think I'm going to go to. sitting contemplatively making marks on paper really appeals to me.

today then it is either guitar or art. or maybe both!

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