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well that didn't help

the nap lasted for five hours and now my face looks worse but I think it is because it got very warm up on my bed and I slept on the side with the spots. it still doesn't hurt as much and the ones that were there before are less swollen than yesterday.

anyway. who knows. we'll see in the morning which way it seems to be going and that will determine whether I go back to the doctor tomorrow.

I'd sure like to have gotten something done the last two days but I suppose this is a good lesson in patience and pace. I'm still sleepy and after I go get food and eat it I doubt I will be up for very late tonight. I'm a little less freaked out today at least. I may have sores all up the one side of my face but they really aren't as repulsive as I was imagining yesterday. maybe I will turn the webcam on and give you all a look. they probably are not remarkable enough to see on camera.

shoes. socks. not necessarily in that order.

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