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my day at the doctor's office

so I get up this morning and my face looks like hell and I feel like crap so I call the advice nurse and describe what's been going on and she tells me to come in to Urgent Care right away so I throw on some pants, give the top half of my body a mini-bath as there is no time to shower, throw on a shirt and hop on BART. I take my laptop thinking maybe there is wireless in the student health center but that did not turn out to be the case. what century are they operating in?

so I'm all freaking out like do I have meningitis yet or what or why did she say come in immediately but then once the triage nurse sees me they let me sit for 30 more minutes so I figure I'm not dying. saw a really nice tall lesbian doctor who was very calming and she said no the big deal is the eye involvement as they don't want it spreading across my cornea so she stains my eye and thinks she sees a little tiny ulcer and sends me upstairs to the eye people where they use a different stain making the ulcer show up pink instead of chartreuse and I don't know what the difference is really but maybe the pink stuff is more sensitive.

in any case they saw a tiny pink dot on my eye and told me to take 3-1/2 times as much acyclovir as I had been taking without really saying that the original dose was too conservative but I think I caught that between the lines so here I am counting the minutes between doses as I now am taking 800mg 5x/day and I am not awake as much as the average bear so that means I have to take it all the damned time. I think I will rig an alarm in iCal. or maybe on my cell phone. surely some technological device here can figure out exactly how to divide my day into quarters.

tomorrow I go back and in the meantime they are making up some special eyedrops for me which if the increase in acyclovir does not take care of the little pink dot I will begin taking tomorrow.

I think it is time to take another pill. the doc said to try to get four doses in this evening. I did not point out that my bedtime is that of a six-year-old.

it's a good thing that teaching doesn't start for another two weeks. so far this has totally wiped out four days in a row. although saturday didn't really count as I was going to take the day off anyway but still.

so that's that. I'm getting really tired of waking up to my face all out of whack.

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