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sickroom update

well I'm just depressed. my face may be slightly better this morning but it still looks like someone has been punching me repeatedly. I have to go back to the eye doctor this afternoon to see how the eye is doing. they said it might be possible that the upped acyclovir would help it to resolve in these past 24 hours but who knows.

I realize there are worse places to get this than on your face, but why on the face? why not, say, on my ribs or even my ass? although I guess sitting would be a problem with the latter. why not on my belly?

I am going to email the art institute to let them know that I am sick and that I should be fine by the time I begin teaching but there are some things I wanted to do this week with them that I might or might not get to in a timely fashion. good idea, fu_le_bear.

I think though that the best thing to do today, besides going to the doctor in the middle of the day which kind of obliterates most of the day, would be to try to pretend I'm not sick. assuming I don't get all sleepy like I did the day before yesterday. so now I will shower and then I will meditate and then I will get on BART and go look after what needs looking after.

maybe later I'll actually do some work.

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