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the eye doctor people are still seeing a lesion on my eye so I now have antiviral drops that go in every two hours and which I must wash thoroughly from my hands afterwards as they are carcinogenic but apparently negligibly absorbed systemically through the eye. medicine is interesting in the way it has to be careful not to kill you in curing you.

otherwise there is not much to report. my face looks marginally better today than it did yesterday but it seems like the lesions are creeping downward, leaving half healed bumps in their wake. it would be nice if the acyclovir really kicked in right... about.... now. on the other hand at this rate it will soon leave my face and bury itself under my shirt. at least then maybe people will stop looking at me funny.

yes. it's contagious. but only if you kiss me.

I didn't mention that on saturday I went a-meditating at the zen center for the saturday zazen for beginners sitting where a priest corrects your posture gently and this time instead of getting me to arch my back a bit more he tried to get my shoulders even which with scoliosis actually throws me out of balance. I am wondering how to signal to them that I am built crooked; it is very quiet and I don't feel comfortable murmuring "don't bother" every time they touch my shoulders. I also have very square shoulders and so they work extra hard at pushing down to get me to relax. you'd think they would be familiar with all sorts of body types running a zendo in the big city.

but I will keep going anyway. I managed to only barely shift a little during the whole 40 minutes. who knew that sitting still was so difficult? I mean sure we knew it was hard when we were 5 but I bet you think you've gotten better at it since then.

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