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once again I should probably stop reading and watching news from New Orleans and surrounding areas but I feel about as bad for them now as I did for New York back when. people are wondering if the city will survive but I'd say any city loved by its people will survive just about whatever gets thrown at it but you do have to ask what are they going to do with all that water given that the city itself is below the sea. maybe they should just move everything a few miles to the northwest.

one thing that occurs to me is that GWB won't be able to declare war on anyone as a consequence of this or at least if he did he'd have to go apostate. isn't it interesting that many more can die but the men of god will be sure to justify the carnage and surely it won't be long before one of them points out that New Orleans was a den of iniquity but of course they will have to completely overlook, say, Biloxi in order to make this work. someone should really take note of where the awful weather is every single year and try to come up with some idea of just what god might be trying to say.

I don't mean this of course because god does not speak and certainly does not want anything. divinity is flooded out of its living quarters and up into the attic and gives up a little ghost everytime someone does not succeed in knocking out the roof to be airlifted away. the whole complex system that makes these things possible is certainly completely out of hand.

tomorrow it will cause the sun to shine in my neighborhood and I will go about my business but don't think I am not thinking about you.

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