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the sun keeps coming up

I won't go on about the disgraceful way in which the president has not responded to the disaster on the gulf coast. other people are doing a good job of it. I think, though, that while sitting out this creeping crud maybe I should finish those tracts and maybe write another one about how killing Iraqis takes precedence over protecting American cities.

as for me, I think things have stopped spreading and my eye is less red this morning. I had therapy today and the vibe I got from therapist person was that I might want to take a look at how well I am taking care of myself. not that I necessarily am doing a bad job, but maybe there are things I could be doing better.

putting drops in my eye every two hours is somewhat tedious but I am diligently keeping up with the routine. in an hour I go back to berkeley to get looked at again. am getting quite weary of BART travel as well.

will meditate first. you'd think that would be doing some good at least.

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