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up at the normal time or that is the time that become normal for me when I started going to bed at 7. I feel pretty good although it looks like my face is going to take some time to heal. but nothing has spread in the last couple of days and the swelling is way way down. I don't have to go to the eye doctor today so I could actually get some things done here. must remember what it was I was up to when my face exploded.

I wish I could think of something of value to say about the gulf coast. I mean I could go off in several directions and I've heard all sorts of things that I'd like to argue with but in the end all I'm left with is why are we so slow to respond. maybe we're not. maybe rescue efforts are bustling. I just don't get the sense that we feel the urgency though.

I think I will stop by the zen center today and see if they are doing anything organized to help and if there is something I can do. from this far away with my budget not much seems possible except maybe to bag food or collect medical supplies.

anyway. I do think I will do some work of my own today. suddenly teaching is only ten days off. !!

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