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every time the mail comes with no insurance checks I curse a little more loudly. finally I check the status of my claims online, which I had been avoiding as I did not see the point in looking for more reasons to get angry, and I find that the ones I thought were being readjusted are just sitting there, and the ones that I have heard no word on for six weeks are still "pending," and that one bill, which looks identical to all the rest on my end, has been rejected because the diagnosis number is not right.


so I send indignant email off to the student health insurance office. here's hoping I will hear from them in the next day or two. I guess when my therapist said I was under more stress than I'm aware of that this for instance was what she was talking about. fucking fuckers. I'm sitting here without rent money and they sit on their asses coming up with new bogus reasons not to pay me. I swear to god profiting from others' medical expenses should be outlawed. insurance should be non-profit, at the very least.

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