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crap. why did I think that taking care of that would make me feel better? I felt better when I was avoiding the whole issue and just blindly waiting for a check. now I know that I'm not going to see any of this money anytime soon and that just stresses me out more.

in the meantime, I am still not registered, my fees still have not been paid, and I still can't get an emergency loan from school. I asked the people in charge of this if I had been properly hired yet, and one of them said she would let the other explain to me the difficulties they had in straightening out my file and the other never got back to me at all. so I don't know what's going on there. I should just go to school tomorrow and look exasperated.

maybe I should do that now. oh wait. I have an appointment in the city at 5. can't go running off to the east bay.

fuck. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

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