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oh! it's a disaster!

his handlers must have finally caught up with him to tell him to look grave instead of acting like he was reading the real estate want ads for southern Louisiana and Mississippi. George Bush solemnly promises to do whatever it takes on the gulf coast--whatever it takes, that is, to make us forget that his most immediate thought after flying over the region was for Trent Lott's fantastic new house.

how are the Democrats reacting?

"The silence of many prominent Democrats reflects their conclusion that the president is on treacherous political ground and that attacking him would permit the White House to dismiss the criticism as partisan politics-as-usual, a senior Democratic aide said."

if you find this to be yet another manifestation of the Democratic Party's utter lack of backbone and balls, I suggest you write to your democratic congressperson or, if you don't have one, to your favorite (sic) democratic leader.

I'd suggest doing it very soon.

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