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I was going to do laundry this morning. I mean I still can but I'm starting to think about putting it off till tomorrow although that won't really do anyone any good but I do have one pair of clean underwear left.

am also thinking of shaving my head although not down to the nubbins but about a quarter inch all over. if I hate it then I can just shave it completely off and let it regrow, right? at some point I always stop having other people cut my hair and since these days I just have them shave it short all over it seems like I could do this myself.

is this a bad idea right before teaching starts? I have a week to grow enough hair to make up for any mistakes. I have guides for the clippers that will make my hair the same length all over so that I don't get those dotted lines across my scalp showing you where the clippers were not held steady.

I figure whatever I ended up with it couldn't look as, um, noticeable as some of my homegrown haircuts of the past.

erin with hair

I am almost out of acyclovir. I will call tomorrow and ask if I should get more. I don't don't don't want this recurring right away. I mean I don't want it recurring at all but I especially don't want it to do so right now.

back to your regularly scheduled program I guess. since something is finally being done about the Gulf Coast I don't feel I must follow the developments 24x7 but man I do sure hope the nation does not forget. it really really sucks that all these people had to die in order for America to wake up. I just hope we don't go back to sleep or something like this will happen again.

I'm still thinking of the eastern washington cabin and gun though.

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