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last week being the wash that it was we now join our protagonist this week, attempting to catch up on all he did not get done last week.

today I must go to the art institute and finally introduce myself around, do paperwork, etc. teaching begins for me on monday and I haven't even signed up for payroll yet. a million things and counting before I can rest easy and just start quietly freaking about filling three hours every week. for now I'm just going to be slightly nervous about going into a new place where I know no one and nothing about the culture etc. first days of any kind are always nerve-wracking.

beyond that there is not much I can do to fix anything except to keep urging you to ride your representatives until some heads roll for real. I think I will send more email tomorrow since I suspect they are all just now getting to the ones I sent over the weekend.

should the financial end of things ever shape up for me, I will be putting together my earthquake kit here very soon. and getting renter's insurance.

here's a boring list

make toc for reader
check mail for things I need to fill out and take in
call human resources dept to make appointment for paperwork

get on bus
figure least steep walking route from bus stop to building

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