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well I'm just the letter-writing dynamo this week. the California legislature, as you may know, has passed a "gay marriage" bill, AB849, the Gender-Neutral Marriage Act, and now it is on to the governor's office. Take a look at this post linked to by mactavish for details on how to contact the governor. if you aren't from California, I don't know how much your opinion counts in his eyes, but don't think the social conservatives from across the country won't be flooding his office with oppositional calls and emails; go ahead and add yours just in case he cares what the rest of the country thinks.

below is the email I just sent. feel free to use as-is or modified if you like what it says.

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

I am writing to urge you to sign AB849, the Gender-Neutral Marriage Bill, into law as soon as possible. As long as marriage is a state-sponsored institution, it needs to be free of discrimination based upon religious belief, which is what the belief in the "sanctity" of male-female marriage turns out to be, once you investigate its origins. Let the religious right found whatever custom they wish for affirming unions in the name of God; the state should not be involved in such things and should instead extend the right of legal union to people of all genders. We would be joining forward-looking states and even nations in realizing that as a state institution, marriage should include all those who are capable of loving another human being, regardless of the gender of those in love.

I ask you please not to cave to the religious right in this matter; not only will gender-neutral marriage NOT harm "the family" as an institution, but it will strengthen ALL families regardless of their make-up. As is, non-traditional partnerships can come and go with the wind. With state-sponsored gender-neutral marriage, we would be offering a legal route of deepening and strengthening ties between individuals, rather than weakening them. These are truly what the building blocks of society: the bonds between individuals, regardless of how they are gendered. Legally recognizing those bonds can only be a good thing.

Please sign AB849, the Gender-Neutral Marriage Bill.


Erik M Schneider

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