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c was right in that there is no place actually to call an office at the art institute, and no one in particular has anything to do with the liberal arts department, but the building sure is beautiful. they have a wireless network in the cafe but I couldn't get it to let me outside of the intranet and I didn't feel like pestering the staff about it just yet.

being in an art college did recall some regret about wasting the opportunity I had at the Atlanta College of Art but then it wasn't that I wasted it so much as at the time I pretty much wanted to die and that was taking up all my time and energy. I do wish I could do that portion of my life over again but for it to work I would have had to have had a different family and different things happening to me as I grew up and I guess that would have meant I wasn't me at all so really everyone else who is not me is pretty much taking my place in that other life I should have led.

hope everyone is doing a good job of it.

it struck me as I walked around all caffeinated that here I am about to get a PhD, I'm the gender I always wanted to be, I'm going to be teaching at the Art Institute of San Francisco and really could things be any better. well I could be getting paid more and I could be not so deeply and desperately in debt but otherwise the circumstances are pretty much the best I could hope for. I mean I know I wanted to be a rock star but living on the west coast teaching artists is not so bad. I've grown up to be a "man" of some kind, which I thought was going to be impossible, and I live independently with a handful of animals and a dream housemate in a tiny gem of an apartment in a lively neighborhood. the only thing I don't have is a sports car and a little pick-up truck. well that and a summer home in the rocky mountains.

life is turning out ok, I think. I hope nothing screws it up, at least not for the next little while. I've had enough of screw-ups for right now. it's probably a great risk just to acknowledge that things are going well. ssshhhhh.

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