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today I guess I'd better write my syllabus since I am going to an all-day sitting on sunday at the zen center and will have but a little time tomorrow afternoon to decide how much to bore them the first day.

I'm afraid! I mean I'm also excited but I'm afraid! what if they kill me and eat me?

I hope they are all full of enthusiasm and dying to learn about egghead theories of the twentieth century. one nice thing about fall is that no one is burnt out yet or those that were left over the summer hopefully. the sequence I am teaching is supposed to be "one of the most challenging" classes they will take there. goodness me.

I guess if you look at the reading list it is pretty challenging. didn't I post it already? the usual suspects: Plato, Nietzsche, Freud, Deleuze--plus a few odds and ends from Rimbaud and Beckett and Gertrude Stein. yeah and a shout out to Judith with a chapter of Gender Trouble and my first chance to come out to my class will be close to the end when we look at a chapter of Kate Bornstein's Gender Outlaw. whee!


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