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auugh. this weekend is already going too quickly. I haven't finished the syllabus yet and I have to find time to copy it before sunday as I will be sitting at the zen center all day and I think I will have an easier time of sitting still if I have everything done.

I emailed people at the art institute to ask where my room was (it's "number" CR, whatever that means--conference room?) and no one answered. well if I have to I will pound on some office doors Monday morning.

I can see me getting up at 5am monday morning just to get everything in order. I guess that would be ok. class starts at 9am and I don't really have that much to prepare to say but I'm sure I will panic anyway. I also don't know if classes begin at 10 after the hour like they do here. I'm guessing no since class ends at 11:45 rather than 12. classes are 50 minutes per hour at berkeley just as they are anywhere but they are listed as full hour-long stretches: 1-2, 9-10, etc. and there is no explicit allowance for travel time. not sure why this is.

I need chocolate covered espresso beans to supplement my bag lunch sunday. must remember to go get some tomorrow. they serve herb tea but no coffee there. the funny thing is that on saturday after the lecture there is a little stream of buddhists crossing the street to the cafe on the other side of the intersection. I'm assuming either we're all bad buddhists or it's ok to be addicted to caffeine.

I've been staying for the lectures, even though the content is usually unsurprising and not terribly informative, thinking that the form of sitting listening to another speak is zen enough to be of value. I don't really know what the lectures are aiming for beyond that, if anything in particular.

I guess I will go home to bed now. I was over here to get my eye looked at and to teach ftp software to a staff member. the eye was fine and the ftp software fairly self-explanatory. I guess teaching is not that hard. it's just the formality of the situation that intimidates me. I should pretend we're all just a reading group getting together for fun. yeah that's it.

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