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sorry for that little glimpse into my dirty dirty mind.

I'm set to meditate almost all weekend long except that I haven't finished the syllabus yet and haven't finished taking notes for my first day speech which is never crucial anyway and only has to tell them what it is they're in for. plus I guess I ought to give them a little background on Plato's Phaedrus since that's what we'll be reading first.

here we go. I'm still scared.

I'm having a burrito brunch with a friend this afternoon but can't hang out too long as I do have to finish said syllabus etc and I have to procure the espresso beans for tomorrow's long caffeine-less sitting. I think I will go to rainbow later and get those and a pemmican bar too for the bag lunch we are to bring as I don't feel like lugging anything elaborate. maybe I ought to get two. but they are like 450 calories apiece so one should hold me for a good long while.

I still have no idea where my class is actually meeting. well I do have one idea but I don't know if it is correct. there is a conference room back in the corner by the cafe and I wonder if that is what CR stands for. I guess I could go to it and see if anyone is there and if they are there for my class as I imagine they might have more of a clue than I.

oh I was thinking of trying half a klonopin this afternoon to see if it takes the edge off the anxiety without putting me into a coma. not that I think I will take one the day of teaching but it might help to get a full night's sleep the night before. I don't really want to be loopy while teaching, or nodding off in that odd way that klonopin can nod you off in.

I am a little embarrassed to take my freshly shorn scalp to the zen center this morning because although I suppose I might have been somewhat inspired by the tradition of head shaving there I had actually thought about doing this some time ago and I don't want to look like an enthusiastic newbie who went and shaved his head because that's what they all do.

probably no one will care one way or the other and the drama will as always be confined to my own little brain.


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