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I didn't mention that on sunday I often found myself thinking about how I would narrate the all day sitting experience on livejournal (you know you are a big dork when..) but I've pretty much forgotten what I came up with because really you aren't supposed to come up with things when you are sitting or that is you aren't supposed to follow any train of thought to a logical outcome but rather let things occur to you and then let them go without dwelling on them.

usually I can do this but often I find myself working something out without that internal voice actually narrating the working out so that I am thinking without articulating anything to myself and this is really difficult to intercept and divert so sometimes I just let it do its thing. it's very interesting the way the mind has, um, a mind of its own.

two things. I wish they had cats at the zen center as it is easier to sit with a small warm furry animal anchoring your legs. I guess that they would knock the incense and buddhas off the altars though. still I get to export cat hair to every cushion I sit on there. it always makes me smile to see traces of my cats on the little mat after I get up.

and interestingly the way an all day sitting goes, they increase the time you sit as the day goes on so that by the end when your back is tired and your knees hurt you are sitting for twice as long as in the morning when you were fresh. it seems they should do this the other way around if zen is really about ending suffering.

although I suspect that that is not really what zen is about.

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