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so yesterday was no day off but I did go shopping in the afternoon at Nordstrom Rack, having heard that they just got a bunch of new stuff in and I scored a really cool pair of corduroy jeans that are a kind of brown/iridescent blue and two different shirts that would both go with the pants but also with other things I already own.

whee! it's so nice having a little cash. I can't buy anything else though. I may have already spent too much on a gold coffee filter and three candles. I'm not sure why I got the candles except I liked them and bed bath and beyond always makes me want to fix up the house. sometimes I want to bring things in here but the place is so small there isn't a lot of room for frivolous items and the current style is still thrift shop and sidewalk eclectic so there isn't a theme of any kind to follow but I bet a few candles and shelves would help. thing is I don't like housework itself--cooking and cleaning are what I like least--so setting up the house to look nice is only an invitation for the dust to settle on new things.

I think Sandy and I could use a wife. or maybe just a maid. Sandy cooks quite a bit and sometimes lets me have some and she's a good cook.

some time ago I bought some shelving components for the one side of my loft that does not have anything hanging on it. I should put those up soon. it would help to have more places to put small objects. as is I don't really feel comfortable burning candles under my dry wooden loft but if I were able to move things off these metal shelves I could put the candles over here.

maybe my next day off. I'm not sure when that will be. I have "office" hours today at the art institute and then therapy and I thought I'd try to do some writing this morning. tomorrow I need to do some more of my paid work and then it is time to start preparing for monday's class. this semester is going to go by way too quickly I can see already.

the alternative would be to make all of today a day off since I doubt anyone will actually come see me in office hours--this would make the bus ride over there a little jaunt instead of going to work.

I don't know. I think it is time to reconfigure my schedule so that I can see how I'm going to get the dissertation written this fall. I'm almost at the quota needed by december but I really want to have two finished chapters by then and twenty pages is not going to finish either one. well it might finish one but it won't finish the other.

way the fuck too much to do.

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