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so I wrote and I even copied and pasted some livejournal entry stuff and isn't it nice to have already said things you are trying to say again but I have to say I'm not satisfied with how today went even though it netted me three pages and the problem I am having is that I am looking at some of those strictly logical problems that analytic philosophers get so het up about and I am stumbling upon the constant demand for truth that makes these paradoxes what they are. if you allow universal truth machines to lie, for instance, Gödel's problem resolves itself right away, but then of course you end up with unreliable "truth" machines which would mean I suppose that truth is still unutterable but continuing to speak gives us so much more to talk about. it's as if the desire for truth generates its own ineffability while the capacity to lie means we still get to have conversations about it.

I'm not saying that truth isn't useful or that lying is somehow better but rather that the backdrop to all these paradoxes might be some region beyond truth and lies, as they say.

I've given myself a headache over it which is unfortunate as I have considerable staring at the computer screen left for the day.

it is almost cold out and I am puzzled at the weather as san francisco is usually starting to heat up by now with the shift to offshore winds bringing us hot desert air but if global warming means a cooler autumn in san francisco then I am all for it!

ok not really especially since it could also mean a substantial portion of the city underwater. I don't think we'd all fit up on twin peaks.

my head hurts.

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