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beer o'clock

yeah not really because the current meds regimen makes me feel a little ill after like one and a half drinks so the prospect is not nearly as inviting as it used to be. but at least it is a great way to keep off that layer of alcohol fat.

I'm not sure exactly why I decided to get up at 5:30 this morning but I'm going to do it tomorrow too and the day after that but only because I teach that day and tomorrow I must prepare. I was going to do a little work this afternoon but I'm really sleepy.


I'd go to bed if I thought there was any chance I would sleep the whole night through starting now but I suspect I'd wake up around 11 or midnight all refreshed and ready to start my day which would be kind of pointless. I mean it's true I could do all my work in the wee hours of sunday but then what time would I want to go to bed tomorrow and what time would I want to get up.

seems a dicey proposition. instead then I will nod off in front of the computer. I could try a little coffee I suppose but it's a little late in the afternoon for that.

the lecture at the zen center this morning was particularly frustrating but I tried to ignore what was being said and tried simply to sit there listening to someone talk. there seems to be something of value in that even when being fed the same tired good v evil line that you've heard for more than 40 years.

but I'm too sleepy to explain what was frustrating. I am seriously contemplating nap here even though it could turn into a 14-hour sleepathon. I could always try the in-chair power nap but I don't like those so much even though they do sometimes work. forcing myself to stir awake after sitting in alpha stage sleep for fifteen minutes is difficult and unpleasant. I'd much rather just sleep for a few hours and see what happens around nighttime.

so yeah. I'm going to bed. I might be back up later or I might be up very very early.

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