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wonder drug

half a klonopin does work nicely doesn't it. here I'd been wishing all my life that there were an off switch in the brain's panic center and now you can flick it with a pill. modern medicine can be a marvel when it is not busy trying to pathologize everything human.

on the other hand I do feel very much like sleeping now and I thought I was relatively energetic before although once I had spent four hours with Plato I wasn't exactly wide awake. I don't know quite what my body is up to. my last shot I took four days late because I was full of energy and full of energy and full of energy so I waited for that to die down and when it did I took my shot and I've been tired ever since. this was a week ago and I took a little bigger shot than normal because that was the last bit left in the vial so I thought what the hell I'll just be extra jazzed but no.

what can you do. I think what I am going to do is shave and shower (no I'm not shaving the beard off but doing the usual trim. are you kidding?) and see what comes next. shower tonight means more time in which to fret in the morning. we need our fret time.

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