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I think class went ok. it is hard to tell because I had five pages of lecture notes of which I got through approximately two which I kind of figured would happen but one of these days I will learn to stop overpreparing. as is I took up too much time and we did not have as much time for discussion as I would have liked although we did talk a little about what I was saying that Plato was saying so it's not like I droned on the whole time uninterrupted.

as always things came up that I thought of answers for just moments ago so I guess I have some things to reiterate next week but this is the part about being an introvert that drives me insane: the inability to think on my feet in a social situation. I'm great at pontificating off the cuff in the comfort and safety of my bedroom but when in front of people I am putting all my energy into remaining upright and alert and can't seem to get the wits aroused to the point of being able to say what I think extemporaneously. this seems a bit of a handicap for a teacher but maybe I can get around it by offering long reviews at the beginning of each class.

but for the most part it was not overly painful but I can't seem to let go of a couple of things that were said that I did not feel adequate to respond to in the moment. ah well. this is the lot of some of us.

the other challenge will be remembering their names by next week. I think I know who Ben is, Sarah, Shelly, Hoyt, Sandy, Casey, Jenny, Lisa, Jennifer and Micah. I'm not sure about the other seven names. this may be one of the most difficult things about my job.

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