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siege at times

intermittent backlash. one hour two hours three hours four but no more. it becomes clear after awhile here the rafters smile but it becomes clear that they've reared just what they meant to and then again not. enormous misfire in fact if wracked in the way i thought when i was young i was going to hell no matter what i did no matter what was said to me no matter if i did precisely what was read to me and it's no wonder.

well it's no wonder and i wonder. if all the names of history are to deposit their trash on my doorstep what am i supposed to do with it. there is no sanity except in the choosing of delusions so choose yours and so choose. i could use another moment of sheer youth as they say or as he says as who says it doesn't matter i say sheer youth. in the morning with first coffee forgetting who we are until it all filters back and there you are under it. it's no wonder.

let me at it.

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