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bad business

in other news, I'm not going to try to sell my artwork on ebay anymore. so far I have paid almost five times as much in listing fees as I've taken in in sales so even an economic nitwit like myself can see that the cost/benefit ratio here is not working out in my favor.

instead I'm going to put together some sort of catalog and order form for the various things I make and put it on my website. who knows if anyone even goes there anymore and who knows when I will have time actually to do this but if you use paypal as your go-between you don't have to worry about writing shopping cart code and can just layout your little catalog and given that I produce drawings at the rate of approximately one per year I don't think that I need to study database and web application design in order to create a listing of things I have for sale.

I do not know exactly when I will get to this or how it will even look but it will give me something to do during those periods of nervous energy where I can't sit still but can't really think anymore either.

why not take on another project that will never be finished. I love starting projects. I don't know what a finished project is.

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