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I need to go somewhere. I mean this afternoon, not on vacation, although I need that too. where could I go? I was thinking about climbing twin peaks but we're having little thunderstorms so on top of the highest hill in the city is probably not the best place to stand right now. I could go to berkeley and browse telegraph for pinky rings I guess. in between showers, which are heavy but extremely localized.

I did my favorite thing to do before beginning a web project and made a logo but to see it in action I will have to code a page using a stylesheet and my attention span is about at its limit so I must get up and go somewhere.

if I went to berkeley I could have a crepe for dinner. I've started liking the crepes at crepes-a-go-go. no that really is the name of the place.

I wonder if I should unplug my computers. I've forgotten how to act in a thunderstorm. I have surge protectors but what if lightning just happened to strike the electrical box outside. would they be able to stand up to that?

the other thing I could do if I really wanted to waste ten bucks and not get a crepe in the bargain would be to get on caltrain and ride down the peninsula watching the thunderstorms. that is my favorite way to watch a storm. in fact it's about the only way I really like to watch a storm because otherwise they still frighten me.

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